April 12th, 2022

Save Time and Effort: Linking your Boddle and Google Classroom Accounts

Hey there, Boddle family!

It’s an exciting time at Boddle, and we are thrilled to introduce our new update: Google Classroom Integration!

🎉 How It Works

When your Boddle account is linked to your Google account, you can automatically post any of your Boddle assignments into any linked Google Classroom! 

You can also post assignments you’ve already created through the Assignments page via the “Google Classroom” button. You can also either post an assignment to all students or choose specific ones.

When you post a Boddle assignment in Google Classroom, it will have a direct link that’ll send students straight to the new assignment without them having to login. The links will also automatically create accounts for students new to Boddle, placing them right into your classroom after.

🎉 How It Helps

Linking your Boddle account to your Google account is a great way to save time and streamline assignments. Everything is in one place for both you and your students!

Using Google Classrooms has many time-saving benefits. You can use it as a main hub to house resources (like Boddle), push out assignments, organize students’ work, and have assignments automatically graded.

It also fosters independence in students as they learn to navigate the site on their own and work through the different types of assignments. You can also comment on students’ work and send feedback quickly and efficiently. This quick feedback gives students the chance to review their work before it’s graded, helping them learn faster.

🎉 Overall Thoughts

By linking your Boddle account to your Google Classroom account, you can save time and effort as you cut out the extra step because everything is found in one place! Since you can easily transfer already made Boddle assignments to your Google Classroom, you don’t have to spend the time recreating or copying them.

It also makes practicing math and completing assignments easier for students since all the assignments are listed in their home page. There’s no need to remember multiple websites and logins this way.

Ready to practice math while having a ton of fun? Sign-in to Boddle today!

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