April 26th, 2022

Using Boddle in the Classroom: More than Just for Fun!

Boddle is more than just a fun activity. There are many ways you can implement it into your classroom, and we’d like to help you find the method that works best for you!

When teachers use Boddle, they’ve seen:

  • Increased student engagement
  • More time for lesson planning
  • Learning gaps identified
  • Improved test scores
  • Improved math confidence

When you use Boddle in the classroom, both you and your students reap the rewards!

Keep reading to discover how to create assignments in Boddle and ways you can implement it in your daily classroom life.

⭐ Creating Assignments in Boddle

Creating assignments in Boddle is easy! Check out this video or read how to below!

First step is to log in and enter your classroom. On your home page, you can select “Create Assignments” under Quick Links or click the “Assignments” button on the blue sidebar.

After, click the “Add New Assignment” button on the top of the page. You will be led through a series of 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Assignment Details

Name and schedule your assignment here and choose whether you’d like to post the assignment in Google Classroom.

After, click the “Next Step” button to move on.

Step 2: Select Students

You can choose which students you want to assign the questions to. You can select all or just a few!

Step 3: Select Skills

You can select which specific skills you want your students to practice. Just type the kind of math (like multiplication or division) and select from state-aligned skills!

You can select the grade and aligned standards you want to use.

Step 4: Choose Parameters

You can choose how many questions students answer for each skill or how much time you want them to practice the skills. You can also pick whether the questions appear in sequence or randomly. It’s all up to you!

When you’ve selected the parameters, just press the “Submit” button at the top right and your customized assignment will be sent to your students.

🚀 Ways to Use Boddle in the Classroom

There are many amazing ways to incorporate Boddle into the classroom. Below we offer a few methods we think work well, but one of the best things about Boddle is our versatility. If you find a different way that works best for you and your class, that's awesome! 

Let us know how you use Boddle in the class! We’d love to hear about your experience.

Here are some ways to use Boddle in your classroom:

1️⃣ Small Groups/Rotations

Use Boddle in your small groups and rotations (e.g. small group instruction, online learning, and independent/collaborative activities).

Whether using small groups or rotation learning, you can easily create an assignment in Boddle and have your students work on it. Create unique assignments for different groups or give the whole class the same assignment.

2️⃣ Exit Tickets

You can use Boddle as an Exit Ticket to test student comprehension before moving on, to reinforce specific skills, or to give one last assignment before your students leave.

Using Boddle’s live-data feature, you can monitor students’ progress, how long they spend per question, and how many questions they’ve completed/answered correctly.

You can ensure your students have completed the assignment while also gaining data on their understanding. Boddle can highlight where their learning gaps are, making it easier to differentiate instruction.

(Hint: by using the Game Lock feature, you can make sure your students are completing the Exit Ticket instead of playing the games.)

3️⃣ Reviewing for Tests

Testing season is no fun for anyone, but Boddle is here to make it easier. You can use Boddle in conjunction/to supplement your normal review.

As a test is approaching, whether it’s a unit test or a final, you can easily assign the important skills for your students to practice. You can either create a class-wide review or a personalized review for students, or both!

Boddle makes personalizing reviews for each student simple. Just select which student you’re creating the review for and select the skills they need to work on.

By the time the test rolls around, each student will have gained familiarity with all the skills, making them feel confident and knowledgeable for the test!

4️⃣ Homework

Since Boddle is a free, online platform, it works anywhere with an internet connection.

You can even have your students work on Boddle at home whether you want them to practice specific skills taught that day or get in general practice.

You can have them complete a certain number of questions or have them spend 15 minutes on Boddle, whatever you want! You can also see if and when they finish the assignment from your teacher Portal.

5️⃣ A Reward

While Boddle is a rigorous and challenging math tool, it’s also a super fun game!

After students have completed all their work and there’s still time left in class, you can reward them with Boddle.

As they try to break their own records on Hoppy Sprout and get more points than their classmates on Hot Hoops, you can rest assured that they’re (1) having fun, and (2) still enriching their minds as they answer math questions along the way.

(And while their attention is occupied, you can get some needed work done.)

6️⃣ Worksheet Replacement

Boddle works great as a worksheet replacement. Not only are you saving paper and ink, you are also offering the content in an engaging way.

Students will be more eager to go through questions on Boddle, and it saves you time and resources! You can select the skills, monitor students’ progress, and gather useful data on their level of understanding. 

It’s all online in one place, so no need to collect papers and risk one of the students losing the paper or “forgetting” to turn it in.

💙 Boddle in Your Class

Overall, there are many ways Boddle can be used in the classroom, and these are just a few we thought of!  If you have any other ways you use Boddle in your class, or if you tried one of these and want to tell us how it went, please reach out to us!

We love hearing from you! Keep up the hard work, you’re doing great!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us! We’d love the chance to chat with you. Keep being awesome!