Adding Boddle to Your Clever Library

Did you know that Boddle Learning is in the Clever Library?

Adding Boddle to your Clever account is easy! Watch this short video or continue reading to see how!

Locating Boddle Learning

To find Boddle Learning, search under Educational Apps or Browse by Subject, selecting Math.

You’ll be able to find the Boddle app and integrate it by logging into your Clever account!

Why Adding Boddle Helps

Integrating Boddle into Clever allows teachers to save time when rostering students and also offers easy access to the Boddle app via their Clever portal.

By combining these two tools, teachers will be able to keep their “digital desk” clean and easy to navigate as everything is connected and accessible from one place.

If your school uses Clever and you haven’t connected it with Boddle yet, consider trying it out for free today!