Creating Assignments - Teacher Portal

Assignments are a great way to facilitate traditional exit tickets, quizzes, homework, and unit assessments. It is also a neat trick to adjust/change the level of instruction for a student temporarily.

Step 1: Click on "Add New Assignment" on the top right of the Assignment page.

Step 2: Enter in the name of the assignment and press "Next Step". Today's date is filled in by default.

Step 3 (optional): You can schedule assignments to have a start and end date

Step 4: Select the students you'd like the assignment to be delivered to and click "Next Step".

Step 5: Click on the drop-downs to select the skill you'd like your selected students to work on, and click "Next Step" on the bottom.

Step 6: Select how long you'd like the assignment to go on for. You can do it by time as well as by the number of questions. Finally, click "Finish" and your assignment will be delivered right away!

View Progress

Your assignment will now show up in the assignments page where you can view its progress by clicking on it.

Any completed assignment will show up under the "Completed" tab.

Removing Assignments

You can remove assignments by clicking on the 3-dots icon on the top-right of each assignment and selecting "Delete Assignment".

Here is a video on creating assignments: