Getting Started with the Game - Teacher Version

Hey there! Below we discuss how to set up your teacher dashboard and add students to your Boddle classroom.

Feel free to check out this 3 minute video or read the step-by-step instructions below.


It takes just 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Create a Classroom
  2. Add Students
  3. Get Your Students Logged In

First, you’ll want to go to the Boddle website and create a teacher account. Once signed in, you’ll be guided through the steps.

1. Create a Classroom

Your classroom is where you can add your students, assign them math practice, and view reports on your students. If you want, you can create multiple classrooms for each class you teach.

Steps to create your classroom:

  1. Click “Create Classroom”
    a. If you’re importing students from Clever or Google Classroom, be sure to click those options
  2. Name the class and add description if desired
  3. Select grade level
  4. Choose the state standards for your classroom

If you have any students that are at different grade levels, you can adjust the grade level for individual students after you’ve added them.

Once you’ve created your classroom, there are a few ways you can add your students.

2. Add Students

(Quick Tip: If you want to preview the game before you add your students, click the “Preview Game” button located in your “Quick Links” tab. You can explore the student experience and onboarding.)

If you did not import your students from Clever or Google Classroom, follow these steps to get your students started on their Boddle journey:

  1. Click “Add Students” in you “Quick Links” tab
  2. Choose how to add your students
    a. Create Accounts for your students
    b. Have students create their own accounts 
    c. Import them from Google Classroom
  3. Double check that all your students are there

Now that your students have been added to your classroom, it’s time to get them started!

3. Get Your Students Logged In

Now that your classroom is set up, you can easily share the log in instructions with your students by clicking the “Instruction for Kids” button at the top of the screen.

Here, you can also find helpful resources to share Boddle info with your school admin or the students’ parents. You can also find tutorial videos for students to help make their first time using Boddle a breeze.

If your students create their own accounts, make sure to give them your class code (under “Quick Links”) so they’ll automatically join your class when they’re done creating accounts.

What to Expect

After they’ve logged in, your students will be taken through a short game tutorial and a placement test.

  • Plan for at least 25 minutes the first time your students use Boddle
  • Loading the game for the first time may take a few minutes
  • Students will need more time to complete the tutorial
  • Students will need more time to start the placement test

The placement test is automatically given to your students and is about 20 questions. You can have them click the “I don’t know this yet” button if a question is too difficult. 

When the placement test is complete, Boddle’s algorithm will assign students questions that fit their skill level.

Assignments, Reports, & Live Feed

If you want to choose a specific skill or standard, click the “Assignments” tab and select “Add New Assignment.” You can choose which skills your students will practice as well as view their results.

The “Reports” tab shows you:

  • Results for the placement test
  • Identified learning gaps
  • Current skill level
  • And more!

The “Live Feed” tab shows you what your students are working on and how they’re performing in real time.

You can also invite parents to Boddle so they can be updated on their child’s learning progress. All you need is their email!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!