Learning Gaps Report - Parent Portal

Hey there parents!

Learning gaps happen to everyone, but they can make future learning harder if they go unaddressed. Whether it's a specific skill or a whole math concept your child is struggling with, Boddle can help you and your child identify and fill those pesky gaps.

If you want to view your child’s learning gaps and help them overcome them, just watch the short video below or continue reading to find out how to access your child’s learning gaps.

Step 1: Log-in and View Progress

First, log-in into your Parent Portal and select which child’s learning gaps you want to see by clicking “View Progress.”

Step 2:  Select Learning Gaps

Once you are in your Parent Dashboard, click the “Learning Gaps” button. You’ll be brought to a page that outlines which skills your child might be struggling with.

Step 3: The Report

Now you can view the report and use the information to help your child.

The report shows:

  1. Your child’s performance on the questions
  2. The amount of time spent on the questions
  3. The foundational skill that might be causing the learning gap
  4. And what kind of question that skill might look like

That’s how you access your child’s learning gap data!

Please reach out to us with any questions! We’d love to hear from you!