Learning Gaps Report - Teacher Portal

Hey there teachers!

Every student is different. Every student has a different learning level and gap. It can be difficult as a teacher to identify and work with each individual need without burning yourself out.

Learning gaps are a serious issue, and we at Boddle are here to help. We identify the gaps for you, showing you which specific skills are causing the gaps. Now, targeting those gaps is easy, and you can help your students succeed in math class!

Below we discuss how to access your students’ learning gap reports in 3 easy steps! Watch the short video or continue reading to find out how.

Step 1: Select Classroom

You’ll first need to select which classroom you want to track student data from. Click the “Enter Classroom” button.

Step 2: Click Reports

Then, click on the “Reports” button on the left side bar or select “Learning Gaps” under your “Quick Links” tab.

If you click on the reports button, you’ll be taken to where all your student data can be found. To view students’ learning gaps, just click on the “Learning Gaps” tab.

Step 3: View Learning Gaps

Once you’ve arrived, you can see which students have learning gaps, grouped by which skills they have gaps in. Also, Boddle highlights the foundational skill each student is struggling with.

Knowing where students have gaps helps teachers, paraprofessionals, interventionist, and special-ed educators identify the skills their students need help in.

That’s how you find the reports on your students’ learning gaps!

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions! We’d love to hear from you!