Adding & Removing Students

Whether you’re new to Boddle or are starting a new school year, chances are you’ll need to add students to your Boddle Classroom.

Adding and removing students is easy! Check out this brief video or continue reading.

Adding Students

First, you’ll need to go to your Classroom. There are 2 places you can add students from.

On your Home page, you can click the “Add Students” button under “Quick Links.”

You can also add students by going to the “Students” tab and selecting the “Add Students” button from there.

After, you’ll find 3 ways you can add your students.

1. Create Accounts for Your Students

Type in your student(s) first name and last initial. A username and password will be auto-generated for each student. Give your students the information, and they will log in directly to your classroom.

(You can also customize the username and password for each individual student by filling it in.)

2. Invite with a Link 

You can invite your students to your classroom by sending a link. Students will paste the link into their browser where they’ll be asked to login to an existing account or create a new one.

After logging in or signing up using that link, they will automatically be added to your Classroom.

You can also give students your “Class Code,” which is found in this same page and under “Quick Links.” Students can create their own accounts and input the code when prompted. They will then be added to your Class.

3. Import with Google Classroom

If you already have all your student information in Google Classroom, you can easily import your students from Google Classroom into Boddle.

Just link to your Google Classroom account, review student information, and click Submit.

(You can also upload information from an Excel Sheet or download and fill-in a Boddle Template in this window.)

Removing Students

Removing students from your Boddle Classroom is easy.

Go to the “Students” tab where you’ll find a list of all your students and their user information.

Click the settings gear symbol “⚙” and click “Remove.”

Click “Yes, remove!” and the student will be removed from your Boddle Classroom.

That’s how you add and remove students from your Boddle Classroom. Please reach out to us if you have any more questions!