How to use the class codes

Learn how to add students to your Boddle class using the class codes feature.

We have also written out step-by-step instructions for you:

Step 1: Log onto your Boddle Teacher Portal and click into your classroom. You will see the code next to "Classroom Code".

Step 2: Share this code with your students.

Step 3: Have your students go to When they click Play the Game, they will be taken to the student game site ( Alternatively, they can go directly to the game site with that URL.

Step 4: Have your students click "Create New Account", since it is their first time logging in.

Step 5: Have your students write their first name and last initial, and come up with a password. They can also customize their usernames (optional; if this is not checked, one will be automatically generated based on their first name and last initial).

Step 6: Make sure they save their username and password somewhere they can easily access it.

Step 7: Your students will be prompted for a class code. When asked whether they have one, they should click Yes.

Step 8: Have them enter the class code that showed up on your Teacher Portal.

That's it! They will then be automatically added to your class, so that you can create assignments and view their progress!