Progress Report

How to monitor your child's progress from the Placement Test by using the Progress Report.

When your child first gets started on Boddle, an automatic placement test will begin that allows you to see where your child is at on a specific grade level. This test does not have to be assigned. It will be delivered to your child regardless of where in the game your child is answering math problems. After the placement test is completed, Boddle will automatically deliver just-right questions to your child. These questions are based on how they have been performing within Boddle since their placement test.

During the placement test, the question screen has one different feature, the “I don’t know this yet” button. This button allows your child to skip questions they are unfamiliar with.

The Progress Report generates after your child has completed the Placement Test, and makes it easy to see where your child is on the learning path as well as helps to identify areas for growth or enrichment.

To access the report, click on the Reports tab, and the Progress Test data will populate on your parent dashboard. The Report will show your child’s progress in each domain for their grade level. When you scroll down, you can see a more in-depth report on your child’s progress, such as Skills Mastered and any identified Learning Gaps.

You can even filter this report by date range to see how your child progressed within the selected time period. If you click the Print button, the report will download as a PDF for easy sharing.

Happy Learning!