Adding students with Class Code

How to Add Students to Your Classroom by Using a Class Code.

You can easily add students to an existing class by sharing a class code.

There are two ways you can do this. The first way is to login to your Boddle teacher dashboard and locate the class for which you’d like to add students. On the classroom tile, you’ll see “Classroom Code”, and the code itself below. Click to copy the class code and easily send it to student who you’d like to invite to your classroom. All your students need to do now is login to their Boddle student accounts and type in your code!

The second way to  add students via class code is to click into the classroom for which you’d like to add students. Once you’re in your teacher dashboard, you’ll find the Class Code near the top of the screen as well as an invite link that you can send directly to your students. Once your students click this link, they’ll be automatically enrolled in your classroom.

Happy Teaching!