Character Customization

You can customize everything for your Boddle - from hair, to clothing, and even accessories!

When you first login to your new Boddle account, you’ll be able to select your Boddle’s head color as well as the body color, eye shape, and mouth.  even your name! To change your Boddle’s name later, go to your Backpack and click the pencil button to edit your Boddle name. You can browse from our list by clicking the up and down arrows, or click the Random button to see a randomly generated name. You can also change your Boddle name from the Buddy List. Remember, you can change your name anytime.

As you answer questions in assignments, play arcade games, and complete Quests, you’ll earn Gold. You can use Gold to begin purchasing items from the Shop to customize your Boddle even more! Check out the Shop daily to choose from six different items, new every day! You’ll see how much Gold you have to spend in the upper righthand corner of the Shop and also on the Home screen.

Another way to earn items is to open Prize Boxes. The first place you can find Prize Boxes is on the Boddle Pass through levels gained from answering questions and completing Quests. You can also get them from scoring high on the arcade leaderboard - these Boxes are rewarded at the end of the season.

All of the items you earn or purchase will be kept in your Backpack, so you can change outfits and accessories whenever you’d like. By earning copies of certain items, you’ll be able to unlock even more awesome versions! And in each new Boddle Pass season, you’ll be able to earn outfits and items exclusively available during that season.

The customizations are endless! The more questions you answer, the more knowledge you’ll earn AND the more Gold you’ll get to keep personalizing your Boddle.