Getting new pets

Your Boddle pets support you when you’re battling the Baddies in Pet Battles. As you grow your team, you’ll be able to get your pets their own pets too!

Your original team of four pets is given to you the first time you play the game. You can even edit the name of your pets by clicking the pencil icon while in the Pet Team section.

To collect more pets, you need to first obtain a pet seed. After you get a seed, you can plant it in the Greenhouse and make it grow using Knowledge Points you’ve earned by answering questions and in gameplay.

You can get seeds by making progress in the Boddle Pass, by opening Prize Boxes, and by purchasing them from the Shop. Sometimes, Baddies drop seeds too! Pet seeds do not reveal the type of pet they contain, but some do reveal the elemental alignment. Each pet is unique and special and each is devoted to its Boddle wholeheartedly.

The different families of pets you can grow are: Cat, Berry, Potted Plant, Coconut, Cactus, and Mushroom (& more to come!). The types of elemental alignments are: Fire, Water, Grass, and Electricity.

When the pet-plant has fully grown, you can click on it and your new pet will be revealed! Team up with it in Pet Battles to level it up and increase its strength, unlocking special skills!

Happy Learning!