Invite parents

How to invite a student’s parent/guardian to view their child’s progress.

Inviting Parents/Guardians to view their child’s progress

To keep parents and guardians in the loop on how their child is doing, you can link them to their child’s account.

To link a student with their parents or guardians, first go to the teacher dashboard. Find the classroom with students you’d like to link parents and guardians with. Select “Students” on the left panel on the page to view all of the students in that classroom.

For each student whose parent/guardian you would like to invite, click the blue “Invite Parent/Guardian” button under that student’s name. Type in their parent’s email and then press the gray “Send Invite” button. This will send an email to the parent with a link to set up a Boddle parent account so they can view their child’s math progress.

Happy teaching!