Invite students with a link

How to add students to a classroom using an invite link.

Using the Invite Link Button

To add students to a class using an invite link, go to the Teacher Dashboard. Next, click on the class that you would like to add students to. At the top of the screen, click the blue “Invite Link” button to get the invite link to your classroom. Then copy the classroom link and send it to your students so they can join your classroom.

Using the Add Students Button

Another way to find the classroom invite link is by clicking the “Add Students” button, which you can find in two places.

The first place is at the Quick Links section at the top.

The second place is by finding the “Students” button on the left panel and then clicking the blue “Add Students” button at the top.

Then, click on the blue “Get Link” button in the pop-up to access your classroom link and press the blue “Copy” button.

Once the link is copied, you can share it with your students so they can create their own accounts and join your classroom.

Happy teaching!