Learning tools that support learning in-game

Boddle has several in-game support features available to help guide you through problems, when needed.

When you first log in to Boddle and take the Placement Test, you’ll see the “I don’t know this yet” feature at the top. You can click this option to skip the current question. This option is only available during the Placement Test.

There are other helpful in-game supports as well. When you’re answering any question, you’ll see three icons in the top left corner: a pencil, a speaker, and a TV. Clicking on the pencil will allow you to draw and write out steps, draw pictures, or use as scratch paper. You can also erase.

The speaker icon will read the problem aloud to you. Finally, the TV icon will open a pop-up and show you a short video tutorial to help with the skill.

Happy Learning!