Logging in with Clever and Google

Here's how to login to your Boddle account so you can start learning and having fun right away!

When your Boddle account has been created by your teacher or parent and you’re ready to login to your Boddle account, go to this site: https://play.boddlelearning.com/. You can also get there from the main Boddle website https://www.boddlelearning.com/ by clicking on the orange Play button.

When you get to the login screen, you have three options to sign in: Sign in with Google, Sign in with Clever, or typing in your username and password.

If you click Sign in With Google, you’ll be asked to choose which Google account you’d like to use. Be sure to select the one that your teacher or parent used to create your account.

If you click Sign in With Clever, you’ll be able to scan your Clever Badge to log in.

If you type in your username and password, you can click the Remember Me button. That way you won’t have to type in your login info each time you want to play Boddle.

Happy Learning!