How to Play Pet Battles

Check out how to play Pet Battles and match puzzle pieces to defeat the Baddies!

Matching puzzle pieces together in Pet Battles gives your pets power to send attacks to your opponents. You don’t need to spend Knowledge Points to play Pet Battles because you will keep practicing the skills you’ve been learning. To find Pet Battles, first login to your Boddle account and click the green Play button. You’ll be transported to the Library.

You can practice your math skills and have fun battling in Adventure Mode. Click on Green Grove to battle the Baddies. If you’ve completed the Green Grove map, the Sunny Surf map will unlock, as well as the Mount Magma map, and you can battle the Baddies there, too!

You can also click on the Player Vs. Player button to be matched with another player who is online. If you want to challenge a friend or classmate to a battle, click on the Invite a Friend button to select from your Buddy List.

When it’s your turn to start matching puzzle pieces, try to match as many of one color element as you can!  The four elements are: fire, water, grass, and electricity! You can match up, down, left, right, and diagonal. The longer your streak, the stronger the attack will be against your opponent.

The color of the element matched corresponds with the color element of a pet, and that pet will send the attack. For example, if you have a grass-type mushroom, the grass pieces will only work with that pet. Baddies are aligned with different elements, just like pets are. So, you can defeat them by targeting the Baddies who are weak to certain elements.

Based on your pet's element type, your pet could do more or less damage to another pet. Ever played “rock, paper, scissors” before? It’s just like that! Keep matching puzzle pieces and solving problems until you defeat the Baddie or your opponent, or they defeat you!