Pet Management

Now that you’ve grown your pets, it’s time to pick some to join you in battle! A team is made up of 4 pets and 1 you.

For every battle against baddies you win, your pets will gain EXP, and the more EXP they gain, the stronger they’ll become. Each pet has unique skills and abilities, so it's important to continue planting & growing new seeds to boost your battle skills.

When a pet reaches level 5, they get headgear that unlocks a special skill that will happen every time the pet makes a 5-piece match. At level 15, the pets get their very own pet, affectionately named Pet-Pets. The Pet-Pets have their own special abilities that activate every time the player makes an 8-piece match.

In Pet Battles, we have introduced the presence of element indicators. These reveal the element of the surface the pet or baddie is standing on. The indicators will also glow when there is a match made by that pet or baddie. Pet seeds are now easier to obtain as well, making it easier to grow and play with more pets!

Another Pet Battles update is the Pet Special Ability bar. It will now glow when it is ready to activate, making it easier to see when you can tap the pet to activate its special ability! Also, Pets now gain special ability points when getting hit too!

You can manage your team & pets in the Nursery (found in the play library in the Pet Battles section).Select an elemental podium and then the pet you’d like on your team from the bottom bar. You can edit the name of your pets by clicking the pencil icon beside the pet’s name. Here you can view the pets name, stats, special ability, talents and more.

Pets stats raise when they level up. You can use small or large EXP books (available in the Battle Shop) to give your pet EXP and help them level up faster. Sometimes your pets’ progress gets halted because it is time to upgrade. This happens at max EXP on level 4, 14, 24 and 34. Upgrading will give your pet a special talent or upgrade an existing one, as well as allow your pet to continue to level up! If you don’t like your pet’s headgear or pet-pet you can buy reroll items in the Battle Shop and by defeating Baddies to get a random new one.

Press equip to add the pet to your team, and you’re ready to take on the Baddies!

Happy Learning!