Placement Test

How to Assign a Placement Test in Boddle.

Boddle’s placement test will enable you to know where your students are at in their learning journey, help identify any unfinished learning, and help you and your students tackle areas for improvement.

After the placement test is completed, Boddle will automatically deliver just-right questions to the student. These questions are based on how they have been performing within Boddle since their placement test.

The automatically delivered questions that Boddle delivers can be overridden by creating an assignment. To learn more about how to create and deliver assignments to students check out this article.

How to Assign the Placement Test

The placement test is automatic so it does not need to be assigned. The placement test is automatically delivered to students the first time they log in to Boddle. The student will continue to receive questions from the placement test until they have completed the placement test.

After students log in and complete the in-game tutorial, they will automatically be directed to the placement test regardless of which game mode they select.

The test is designed to seamlessly integrate into regular gameplay, so the students remain motivated, engaged, and don’t feel like they’re taking any sort of test.

How to See if a Student is In the Placement Test

Within the Game

Within the Boddle game, if a student is currently completing the initial placement test, the “I don’t know this yet” button will appear on the question screen.

When they have completed the placement test or are answering questions from an assignment, the I don’t know this yet” button will not appear on the question screen.

Within the Teacher Portal

Within the teacher portal, you can see which students have completed the placement test. Navigate to the Reports page placement test section within the teacher portal. Scroll down. Shown next to each students name will be their progress score. If they haven’t yet completed the placement test, it will instead say “placement test in progress”.

What is the “I don’t know this yet” button that appears on questions during the placement test?

The placement test asks a variety of questions to place the student at the appropriate level. Some of these questions the student may not know. The “I don’t know this yet” button allows students to skip questions they are unfamiliar with.

When clicked, Boddle will replace the question with a new question. The “I don’t know this button” only appears when a student is completing the placement test.

How to View Results and Progress from the Placement Test

****You can find all of the test results on your Teacher Portal. Simply click into your classroom and click “Reports.” There you will find a breakdown of which areas your students show mastery and which ones they need extra support in.

NOTE: If your reports screen shows “placement test in progress”, that means that not all students have completed the test yet. A typical instance in which this occurs is if you create an assignment prior to students completing the test. Not to worry — they will continue the test once the assignment is completed.

Filtering Progress Results by Individual Student

You can filter the progress and placement of individual students. Just select the individual student in the dropdown menu on the Placement Reports screen. You can also filter this report by date range to see how that individual student progressed within the selected time period.

TIP: Check back on the placement test report regularly to view your students’ progress over time and the specific skills that have been mastered. You also have the ability to print results!

Can Students Retake Placement Test?

Yes. There are times when you may want to have the student retake the placement test. To do this, head to the placement test section of the Reports. Then, next to the student that you want to have retake the placement test, click the icon next to their placement test score and confirm. The next time the student uses Boddle, they will be delivered the placement test.

Happy teaching!