The Boddle Shop is where you can purchase clothing, accessories, and furniture to customize your Boddle character and Home environment.

The Boddle Shop has tons of fun items you can buy to customize your Boddle and your Home environment using coins earned from answering questions and battling against Baddies! To get to the Shop, login to your Boddle account and click the Shop icon in the lower lefthand corner.

Once in the Shop, you’ll see how many Coins and Battle Points that you have to spend in the upper righthand corner. You’ll also see a countdown timer letting you know how much longer certain items will be available.

In the Specials section, you can find items that cost more Coins, like Surprise Boxes and Pet shards. These items change weekly, so keep checking back and saving up your Coins!‍

You can choose from six daily furniture and clothing/accessory items in the Deal of the Day section. These six items change every day.‍In the Battle Shop, you'll be able to purchase new items that will allow you to do amazing things like: Give EXP to your pets, re-roll your headgear or your pet-pet, purchase pet seeds, and more!

Items in the Battle Shop can be purchased with the brand new currency called Battle Points, which are earned by playing Pet Battles in matchmaking mode. Items in the Battle Shop change daily.You can also activate a Premium subscription in the Shop, unlocking tons more cool and exclusive items, like a pterodactyl hood or cardboard dino head!

Items purchased from the Shop will be kept in your Backpack, so you can choose different items any time you’d like. Keep your eye out for fun new items each time a new Boddle Pass season begins.

Speaking of the Boddle Pass, now you can see what clothing, hair, and accessories items will look like on your Boddle. Try out the new preview feature which can be accessed in the new Boddle Pass Preview Window.‍Keep practicing your skills and earning Coins and Battle Points, because personalizing and customizing is so much fun!

Happy Learning!