Signing in with Parents

With a parent account, there are two ways to sign your child into Boddle Learning.

The first way is to log into your Boddle parent account. Then, on the Parent Dashboard, find your child’s name that you would like to sign in. And click Play Boddle beneath their name. They will be taken into the Boddle game already logged in.

If you are on an iOS or Android device, perform the same steps within the Boddle app.

The second way for your child to sign in is by using their username and password. To locate your child’s username and password, click your child’s name on your Parent Dashboard.

Here you’ll see the child’s username and password. Click the “eye” icon next to the password to reveal the password.

Have your child navigate to and have your child enter their username and password to log in. Or if they have an iOS or Android device, download the Boddle app, and enter the same username and password in the app to login.

Happy Learning!