Single Player Mode

There are many ways you can play Boddle independently in single player mode and have a ton of fun while learning. Check out Quiz Mode, Pet Battles, and the Arcade!

You can work through your learning progression at your own pace in Quiz mode as well as complete any assignments from your teacher or parent. Quiz Mode is also where you’ll complete your initial place test when you first login to Boddle. You’ll know you’re still taking the Placement Test when you see the “I don’t know this yet” button. If you’re completing an assignment, you’ll see the assignment name in the upper righthand corner. You can go to Quiz Mode anytime, and Boddle will deliver just-right questions to you based on your level.

In Pet Battles, you can battle pesky Baddies while adventuring your way through the Green Grove map, answering questions and gaining knowledge along the way. Make the longest match you can, correctly answer a  question, and watch your pets battle the Baddies. If you complete Level 22, you’ll unlock the Sunny Surf map, and the Mount Magma map!

In the Arcade, you can use your hard-earned Knowledge Points to play fun games! Currently, there are six arcade games to choose from: Boddle Blast, Planty Pounce, Soccer Strike, Hoppy Sprout, Diner Dash, and Hot Hoops. Need more Knowledge Points? Answer questions in Quiz Mode or defeat the Baddies in Pet Battles to earn more.

Happy Learning!