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Transforming math with engagement.

Grades K-6 math game that makes learning fun and personalized.

Now available on web (Laptops and Chromebooks), iOS App Store (iPhones and iPads), and Google Play Store (Androids)

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So fun and engaging that your students will have a blast learning!
Differentiate Learning
Tailor learning to each child with adaptive technology.
Close Learning Gaps
AI technology helps to identify and close learning gaps to get kids back on track.
Real-Time Reports
Stay in the loop on students' learning progress with real-time reports!

How it works.

1. Sign Up

Sign up for a free account and get your learners set up from your parent/teacher portal

2. Log students in

Have your learners log in and start playing at

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3. Let the learning insights begin!

Create assignments, track performance, and easily address learning gaps with automated reports.

Check Out the Game!

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The Technology Behind Boddle

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Boddle uses AI to adapt and tailor practice and learning content to the right level for each child.

With any learning process, it's important to take it step by step. Our algorithm tracks students' performance to identify which building-block skills still need reinforcement before they can branch out to more advanced skills. Then, our AI populates the game with just-right content for each student's individual learning needs.

This helps ensure that students achieve mastery in key foundational skills and learn at the right pace for them—because we know that every child is different!

How Boddle Helps You!

K-6 Math Curriculum

Every kid deserves high-quality learning content.

Used by teachers and parents in all 50 states and over 100+ countries, Boddle provides quality math content that is aligned to state standards.
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