About Boddle

Boddle's mission is to help kids grow their love for learning so that they can build a brighter future. We also want to ensure that fun and high-quality learning is available and accessible to all students around the world.
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We make learning fun to help students develop a lifelong love for learning.

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We produce actual growth in student performance that you can easily monitor.

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Transforming the learning experience from one-size-fits-all to fun, interactive, and individualized!

What does "Boddle" mean?

Our bottle-headed characters let students know the importance of filling up on knowledge, valuing each other's strengths, and pouring back out to help others.

Our Team

Alex Schneider
Anum Akram
Game Developer
Asim Saeed
Head Architect
Clarence Tan
David Barreto
3D Artist
David Debnar
Game Developer
Edna Martinson
Erika Brunnmeier
Fareeha Adnan
Game QA
Jenny Bright
Customer Success
Jiya Zohra
UI/UX & Art
Julianne Arellano
Curriculum / QA
Maha Alaam
Art Director
Melvin Arellano
Curriculum / QA
Michelle Michalski
M. Ahmed
Software Developer
M. Safder
Nikhil D.
Software Developer
Phill Damaskin
Software Developer
Rowan Allcorn
Game Producer
Sami Waqas
Game Developer
Rob Fink
VP of Engineering
Sam Arminana
Game Developer