Send your child on a 3D math adventure with measurable results

Boddle is a new type of gamified math learning experience. Our unique 3D game is serious fun for K-6 kids, and you as a parent can follow your child's progress as they hone their skills and develop a lifelong passion for learning.

Perfect Balance of Fun and Learning
Curriculum-Aligned Content
Time-Saving Resources for Parents
Great for In-Class, Hybrid, and Virtual Learning

Two ways to get started

1. Your child can create an account using your email address to start playing right away. You'll be sent an invite to our parent platform.

2. You can create a parent account and then easily add your child.

app for Android products is also available on the Google Play Store.

Boddle is currently available on web browsers via laptop or Chromebook.
The Boddle app for Apple products is available on the Apple App Store and the

Boddle makes learning math fun and personalized

Thousands of K-6 kids are already having a blast learning and building their confidence with Boddle. As a parent, you’ll be able to easily support your child in their learning journey.

Engaging: Students will explore new worlds, play minigames, and accomplish fun quests as they sharpen their math skills in Boddle's unique 3D game space.
Safe: Boddle’s gameplay interactions are fully scripted to be safe and kid-friendly, and we’ll always protect your child’s data.
Personalized: Boddle’s adaptive learning algorithm continually assesses kids’ strengths and weaknesses and tailors gameplay accordingly.
Remote learning: We believe that lifelong learning happens both in and out of the classroom, so we designed Boddle as a tool to engage students no matter where they are.
Insights: From the parent platform, you can easily see learning insights and track your child’s progress.

A parent portal to help you support your child

As a parent, you need to know how your child is doing in order to help them progress. Boddle lets you easily see and track your child’s growth.

  • Boddle’s real-time progress reports are easy to understand and use.
  • Learning insights provide valuable information about what your child is learning, where they excel, and where they could still use more practice.
  • Easily create assignments and set goals to motivate your child!

Find Out About How Boddle Helps with Today's Classroom Challenges

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