Boddle Ambassadors

Boddle Ambassadors are a powerhouse community of innovative, fun, and driven educators who value student engagement and find creative ways to promote student voice, personalized learning, and tackle learning gaps through the use of Boddle. It's a ton of fun!!

A Peek Into the Perks

Level 1: Boddle Ambassador


  • Complete Interest Form
  • Showcase Knowledge through Quiz
  • Share Boddle with educator friends 


  • Official Boddle Ambassador badge
  • Official Boddle Ambassador certificate
  • Boddle swag for you and your students
Level 2: Boddle Coach


  • Current Status of Boddle Ambassador
  • Complete In-Depth Boddle Course
  • Present Boddle at Conference/Event


  • Customized Boddle avatar
  • Boddle wearable gear
  • Boddle swag for you and your students

How do I apply to become an Ambassador?

The Boddle Ambassador program welcomes innovative educators, ready to join the fun and contribute to this dynamic community. New to Boddle? A skilled Boddle veteran? You are welcome to apply below!

Applications Are Currently Closed


Answer a few easy Google form questions. You'll be asked:

  • To provide contact information (name, school, email)
  • Questions about how you use Boddle in your class

Once you fill in the Google form, your form will be reviewed. Then:

  • Successfully complete the short Boddle course to get your official Ambassador Badge
  • Display your official badge for the universe to see your commitment to student engagement

You'll be given access to join and engage with the online community, plus:

  • Monthly sneak peaks of upcoming features
  • Exclusive Ambassador merch
  • VIP access to the Boddle team
  • ...and more!!