October 1, 2021

Hop and Pounce on over to the Arcade!

Hey Boddle Family!

We are so excited to announce that Boddle has new arcade games!

The arcade is a library with some super fun games that are much more interactive, requiring skill and concentration.

In order to play, students need to use Knowledge Points gained by solving math problems, both in and outside the arcade games.

Our two new games are Planty Pounce and Hoppy Sprout! In both games, students have to pounce, hop, and land on the next platform, gaining points and planting flowers along the way. The further they get, the more challenging it becomes.

We even have leaderboards for each game for some friendly competition!

For now, the arcade has two games, but keep your eyes open, because we’ll be updating them every now and then.

The arcade games give students a chance to have fun while honing concentration skills and solving math problems, increasing engagement and excitement for learning.

Go to play.boddlelearning.com and sign in to check out our exciting new games!