August 16th, 2022

August Update! New Teacher Dashboard, Student Engagement, and MORE!

Hey there Boddle Friends!

We’ve got a ton of new features for teachers and students just in time for back-to-school. We can’t wait for you to join us and explore!

Teacher Dashboard:

We’ve made several updates to your Teacher Dashboard to make student management easier to navigate and utilize.

  • When you first login, you’ll notice a chic new look for your classroom tiles. Upon clicking into one of your classrooms, you’ll see that your Dashboard has been reformatted to show you a wide range of student data such as: class placement, current assignments, and more!
  • ELA content is here! You’ll now see a toggle for Math and English. Check out more on how to unlock our ELA content below.
  • One of our favorite student monitoring features, the Live Feed, has become more streamlined and you can now see which students are online and offline on the same screen.
  • You can now use a toggle to organize your students by first or last initial.

We’ve also added features and capabilities to the Placement Test.

  • If your students have not yet completed the Placement Test, you’ll see “Placement Test In Progress” in the Reports tab next to their name.
  • You also now have the option to allow students to retake the Placement Test. Just click on the refresh icon next to their name in the Reports section.
  • When creating Assignments, you also get a pop-up notice if your students are still taking the Placement Test (Assignments pause the Placement Test until they are completed).

Unlock ELA:

It’s finally here! We’ve integrated Kindergarten and 1st grade English Language Arts standards into the Boddle environment your students already know and love.

  • Teachers can unlock Kindergarten and 1st grade ELA content by referring three friends.
  • More grade levels are coming soon!


Your students will be so excited for the new gameplay features!

  • The Arcade and Play buttons have been combined into one big game menu - check it out by clicking the green Play button. Plus, now you can battle friends from around the world using the Player Versus Player option. If you don’t match with a friend, don’t worry! Boddle’s AI will join as your opponent.
  • Catch the wave in Pet Battles, where there’s a brand new map called “Sunny Surf” that will unlock after Green Grove is completed. Also, Pets now glow when special abilities are activated!
  • There are tons of new items in the Boddle Shop such as the shark outfit, the narwhal outfit, and the exclusive Merfolk outfits! Plus, unlock variants of clothing/accessories by collecting copies.
  • The Learning Progress screen now has a space of its own right on the Home screen.
  • Earn more XP by completing daily and weekly Quests. Each type you completed a Quest, XP is added to your Boddle Pass.
  • As you’re solving problems, you’ll likely come across some new question types as well!

Premium Boddle Pass:

Introducing our Premium Boddle Pass subscription! With Premium, you’ll have access to tons of new character customizations. You’ll also be able to adventure on Quests that are exclusive for Premium subscribers. Plus, earn even more XP when you complete Quests to level-up faster!

We’ve also updated our Support Videos and Guides and added a “Getting Started with Boddle” series for both teachers and parents.