April 26th, 2024

Celebrate Student Achievement with Free Boddle Bucks and Redesigned Certificates!

🏆 For Students - Celebrate Your Learning Achievements with Certificates & Boddle Bucks!

We’re excited to introduce new and fresh certificates to celebrate your learning achievements! Earn FREE Boddle Bucks and honor your amazing successes with Boddle by printing them out and scanning the QR code!

These new certificates give you Boddle Bucks even if you've scanned and redeemed Boddle Bucks from them before!

🖨️ For Teachers - How to Print Certificates

As the school year winds down, what better way to celebrate your students' hard work than with our new redesigned certificates? They’re perfect for recognizing this year's progress and motivating learners. Check out our expanded guide on how to print and personalize these fantastic rewards.

🥳 For Parents - Redeeming Boddle Bucks from Certificates

Join in the fun by helping your child collect and redeem their Boddle Bucks! Each new certificate not only celebrates success but also brings joy and excitement to learning. Learn how easy it is to scan and redeem these certificates for special rewards, and see your child’s delight as they claim their prizes!

Let’s make every achievement a celebration! 🎓🎉