April 25th, 2022

Boddle Learning: Research-Based Tool

⭐ Boddle Learning Focuses on Helping Educators Teach and Support Students Through Engaging and Gamified Methods Based on Research

Our team works with educators to ensure we offer the best tool for teachers in the classroom. Boddle works to create a user-friendly and helpful interface for teachers, allowing them to engage with each student and their needs while streamlining in-class time.

  • Live-Data Feed

This feature allows teachers and parents/guardians to monitor which students are online, what they’re working on, how long they spend per question, whether they need more practice on certain skills, and much more. A helpful feature during remote learning.

  • Assignable Skills

Teachers can assign specific, state-aligned standards to either individual students or the whole class. This feature is extremely useful for assigning homework or for providing additional practice. Teachers can choose when and how the students receive the assignments (immediately or staggered), allowing teachers to easily customize and modify their lessons.

  • Identified Learning Gaps

Through Boddle’s adaptive learning system, Boddle can pinpoint where each student has a gap in their learning or understanding. That information is then sent to the teacher, providing them with accurate information, which updates live as the student practices and learns.

💙 Enabling Student Success and Classroom Efficiency

Boddle Learning offers various features, based on established and on-going research, to improve student learning and engagement in classroom education.

Student learning and engagement:

Below are just a few features Boddle offers that help students.

  • Assesses Individual Student’s Needs

Boddle’s adaptive learning system not only helps teachers but personalizes the math content for each student based on their learning needs and gaps. This ensures that students practice and improve in needed areas, building a strong educational foundation.

  • Provides Multiple Explanations per Question

As students play Boddle, they must solve math problems along the way. Each problem has multiple tools available to students to help them solve the problem: videos, audio reading, a pen tool, and a breakdown of how to solve similar problems.

  • 3D Gameplay

Boddle’s student-end is a 3D game environment, offering different challenges and opportunities to be creative. Gamified education has been shown to help students learn and remain engaged, and Boddle’s balanced approach gives students incentive to keep playing and learning.

Aid in the Classroom

Below are just a few ways Boddle Learning offers help in the classroom.

  • Versatility

Teachers can use Boddle in multiple ways, allowing them to integrate it into their classroom as they see fit, ensuring their class runs as efficiently as possible. Whether used as homework, a reward, or a supplemental tool, Boddle can streamline education in the classroom.

  • Offers Common Core and Many State Standards

Boddle Learning’s curriculum is aligned not only with Common Core standards but many others, including Texas (TEKS), Florida (MAFS), Massachusetts, Oklahoma (OAS), and many more!

🎉 Outcomes From Using Boddle Learning

By using Boddle’s features, both educators and students should see and benefit from the intended outcomes.

  • Educators Save Time

Live-data feeds provide teachers with actionable data, allowing them to easily see student needs and work to address them.

  • Educators Differentiate Math Instruction, Closing Learning Gaps

By finding which skills each student needs to practice, teachers can differentiate instruction and focus on what everyone needs. They can also assign individual practice through Boddle.

  • Students Engage with Material

With questions being delivered in fun and creative ways, combined with gameplay, students will be more excited and engaged with the content.

  • Student Performance in Math Improves

Through increased engagement and targeted lessons, students' performance on high stakes and end-of-course assessments improve.

  • Students Develop Passion for Learning Math

By developing a strong foundation in math and learning in fun, engaging ways, students’ confidence in their ability to learn and overcome challenges increases, and they can develop a passion for learning and for math.


Boddle Learning is a certified and research-based tool for mathematical education that helps students improve and teachers and parents/guardians support and teach. LearnPlatform found that Boddle Learning “meets the standards of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) aligning with Level IV ‘Demonstrates a Rationale’.”

If you want more details about the study, you can view or download the PDF of the LearnPlatform study here.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us! We’d love the chance to chat with you. Keep being awesome!