January 25, 2021

Boddle Learning Selected as One of 11 Companies to Join USC Rossier EdVentures Third Cohort

Boddle Learning is proud to join the third cohort of USC Rossier EdVentures alongside 10 other impact-focused educational technology companies from across the globe. Boddle’s gamified educational math platform focuses on tackling learning gaps that students face in grades K-6 and closing the achievement gap that has widened even more due to COVID19 related school closures and remote learning. Boddle’s mission, led by Co-Founders Edna Martinson and Clarence Tan, is in great alignment with the focus of the EdVentures program.

USC Rossier EdVentures was founded in conjunction with USC’s Center for Engineering in Education (CEE). The accelerator comprises edtech companies from six continents that address education challenges particularly with regard to marginalized learners in early childhood through K-12. USC Rossier EdVentures has a focus on founders of edtech companies who are women and people of color.

With the support and mentorship from EdVentures, Boddle finds itself in the unique position to leverage the strong mission-focused community that the accelerator provides, and continue broadening its impact on schools, after-school programs and home environments.  “We are a few weeks into the accelerator, and it has already proven to be an amazing opportunity to connect with a cohort of amazing founders, driven by the passion to make a meaningful impact in education, as well as an incredible community of knowledgeable experts that have provided such great insight on navigating the edtech space” says Edna Martinson, Co-Founder of Boddle Learning. “USC Rossier EdVentures looks to admit the most promising companies and founders who are addressing the pressing needs of underserved learners in early childhood through K-12. Edna and Clarence are dynamite team of entrepreneurs who are committed to providing children in K-6 creative means to accelerate their math skills. We look forward to working closely with Boddle to meet the needs of these children in an ever-growing way” says Dean Kline, Senior Managing Director of USC Rossier EdVentures.

In addition to academic benefits, Boddle’s design sends a positive message to students. Students’ game characters have unique bottle-heads that fill up as they learn, which aims to encourage them to fill up on knowledge, as well as to value themselves and others for what they see on the inside. When these bottle-heads fill up, they pour back out to water plants and trees in the game, which also lets students know that they have the ability and the power to change their environment for the better.

As Boddle continues in the EdVentures program, they will also be planning the release of their Apple App Store Version as well as ramping up partnerships with After-School programs.

Teachers and parents can sign up for the math platform at www.boddlelearning.com


Boddle currently runs on desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browsers. The Boddle app for iPad, tablets, and mobile users is also available on the Apple App Store.