May 6, 2020

Boddle May 2020 Update

Happy May! We've added some great features for educators to help with distance learning.

Watch the video below to learn more!

New Reports Page

First off, we are introducing a new and improved reports page that is easier to navigate and includes TWO new reports:

1. Usage Report

Lets you know how much activity and how long your kids have been using Boddle over a certain period of time.

2. Timeline Report

Lets you see a timeline of when your kids have logged in, when a learning gap is found, when they've completed assignments, and when they've mastered a skill.

New Curriculum Page

We've updated the look and feel of our curriculum page and grouped math units into specific strands for easier viewing.

With this new look, you can now easily view the curriculum that your kids are enrolled in.

To access these example videos, simply click on the TV icon next to the practice questions in-game:

Additional Features

1. Student Roster Upload: Added a button that lets you upload student rosters via excel in the Student Management (Add Student) page.

2. View Assignment History: Added a button that makes it easy to view previous assignments when you're creating a new one

3. Access Game Instructions: Added a button in the educator portal that leads you straight to the game with instructions.

With our heart and focus on providing an engaging and easy-to-use platform for teachers, parents, and students, we're always striving to make Boddle better and better every day.

Your input and feedback is so important in helping us serve you better. If you have features and/or feedback— we'd love to hear it.