September 18, 2019



Boddle Learning is excited to officially launch on September 24th, 2019, starting with 1st - 3rd grade math content and expanding to grades 4, 5, and 6 later this Fall.

Boddle is an educational game that helps eliminate learning gaps in elementary classrooms and takes the labor out of formative assessments by delivering math practice and assessment through an interactive game that both students and teachers love.

                                      Boddle Learning — Kid's Experience Video

Boddle has been piloted in elementary classrooms, afterschool programs and special needs classrooms in Kansas City, Baltimore and New Jersey respectively, and has seen tremendous impact on student engagement. This video shows a small clip from our Summer event where kids had a blast learning math.

With funding from LaunchKC and the AT&T Aspire Accelerator, Boddle finds itself in the unique position and right timing to launch in elementary schools across the country. “The AT&T Aspire accelerator provided us with the resources and the classroom-centric approach to refine our product based on teacher and student feedback. From the feedback and testing, our product will now adapt instruction and practice to each student and allow teachers to easily track student progress and focus their attention where it’s needed most” says Clarence Tan, co-founder and CEO of Boddle Learning. The response from educators has been extremely positive as well. “It's an easy way to get them excited about what they're learning and in a way that makes them not realize they're continuing to learn and practice because they're so engaged in the game.” says Jennifer Hagemaster, Principal at Gordon Parks Elementary School.

In addition to classroom benefits, Boddle was designed to send a positive message to students. Students’ game characters have unique bottle-heads that fill up as they learn, which was designed to encourage them to fill up on knowledge, as well as to value themselves and others for what they see on the inside. And when these bottle-heads are all filled up, they pour back out to water plants and trees in the game, which also lets students know that they have the ability and power to change their environment for the better.

When can my class try Boddle?

Boddle will be available on (almost) all web browsers and early sign up is now available on for schools and teachers that would like to be notified once Boddle launches and enjoy access to personalized support throughout the simple registration and set up process.