March 1, 2021

How This 3rd Grade Math Teacher Reinforces Multiple Skills Effectively and Consistently Builds His Students’ Confidence in Math with Boddle

Sean is a 3rd grade teacher at a charter school in Kansas City who is taking on the challenge of hybrid learning with a combination of in-person and remote students. As he works to ensure that each of his students are receiving personalized attention, enrichment, and evaluation, Sean finds Boddle to be a great tool that fulfills the desired objectives.

Key Outcomes:

  • Reinforcement for Strategized Learning: Upon identifying a student’s learning gaps, Sean can intentionally re-teach the missing skills and effectively supplement his teaching with Boddle assignments to induce growth and advancement.
  • Comprehensive Offering in One Place: The platform’s ability to automatically create assignments across various skills and standards makes it easier to manage a variety of development menu and focus areas for different students with Boddle.
  • Inspired by Valued User Feedback: Boddle’s receptiveness to user feedback and commitment to implement them result in a program that teachers can work productively and comfortably with.
  • Engagement Breeds Love for Learning: The focus on driving up active engagement and building students’ confidence while learning with Boddle results in students who genuinely love and look forward to learning more.

Challenge: With remote or hybrid learning, teachers must find an effective method to manage and prescribe learning activities that would still guarantee students’ pacing and progress and allow proper understanding of various concepts.  

As with many other teachers, Sean had developed a regiment of learning and enrichment activities designed to stimulate his students’ learning of diverse math skills. While these activities are beneficial to students’ growth, Sean was finding it hard to organize and set them up, particularly while managing a combination of in-person and remote students. Sean needed help in ensuring that while he is dedicating one-on-one time with one group of students, the other group can still remain productive, enriched, and learning before it is their turn to meet with Sean. Furthermore, Sean also found it necessary to develop a follow-up strategy for reinforcing re-taught skills that the students had previously struggled with in order to ensure skill retention and further mastery and advancement of new skills.

Solution: A tool that engages students to consistently practice and apply their learning in order to comprehensively hone skills and develop them into more essential masteries and ideas.  

Sean leverages Boddle to sharpen previously taught skills, which increases the retention of said knowledge. He has observed the biggest growth among his students’ learning progress when they take advantage of Boddle to repeatedly practice taught skills throughout the day. Boddle’s perfect balance between fun and learning creates a conducive learning environment for students to enjoyably engage with learning content while encouraging them to come back for even more learning. Furthermore, the platform’s extensive library of content across a myriad of skills and standards makes it easy for teachers like Sean to cover all the essential skills with different groups of students at a low cost of time. Teachers can focus on the teaching aspect of the education process instead of logistics while students can practice diverse sets of skills that stimulate growth and mastery.

Result: Sean can leverage Boddle to create personalized education experiences that consistently train and enrich each student with high-engagement learning activities.

Using Boddle, Sean can ensure that his students are consistently engaging with the essential skills on a regular basis so as to bolster retention of said skills over the long-term. He appreciates Boddle’s feature for creating personalized assignments, which allows him to reinforce critical skills depending on each student’s learning needs and progress. Boddle not only strengthens skills taught during whole-group-instructions, it also creates individual opportunities for students to personally interact with the learning content that are crucial to student success. Additionally, Sean appreciates that Boddle helps students accomplish their learning objectives while instilling and building their confidence through positive experiences and interactions with math skills. It is encouraging and refreshing to see his students request for more time learning with Boddle once they are done with their required study sessions and classroom time.

“Boddle is a great way to sharpen previously taught skills that teachers often worry that students might lose [over time]. Most importantly, building a student’s confidence in a subject or just creating a positive experience with the skill or content is crucial to student success, and Boddle does that well. My students love to get on Boddle … they really work at the problems and take ownership over their math. Having that positive experience and success [in Boddle] translates over to confidence in whole-group-instructions experience”

- Sean Klippel


Boddle currently runs on desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browsers. The Boddle app for iPad, tablets, and mobile users is also available on the Apple App Store.