April 19, 2021

Let's Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day

            Happy Earth Day! Did you know that Earth day all started as a grassroots movement in America? The idea was proposed by Gaylord Nelson, a senator from Wisconsin. Now celebrated globally, Earth Day is a yearly reminder to respect the Earth and show gratitude to our planet. There are so many ways to show gratitude to our planet and often times the simplicity is forgotten. This year, use Earth Day to remind your kids how easy it is to make a difference for the environment!

            Here we have gathered a few resources and ideas for you to get your students involved this year and instill good habits that could last a lifetime.

Let’s celebrate by practicing Earth-friendly habits!

Get the kids involved:

 1.         Want to teach a skill that is educating and engaging? Make s’mores with a solar oven! Follow the link to find step-by-step instructions provided by NASA.  

 2.         Teach your students how they can make an impact this Earth Day with this fun recycling game from HMH! All you need is a few items that you probably already have in your classroom and a group of kiddos. Creating an environment that students can learn and ask questions about recycling will ensure accountability far into adulthood.

 3.         Time to explore! Get your students outdoors on Earth Day with this fun scavenger hunt. You can use this game for your classes in person or for remote learners. Students will use this handout to explore the backyard or neighborhood park and see what they can find! When they come back inside, have them draw their favorite outdoor discovery. Coloring the pictures on the worksheet is optional but encouraged!

 4.         Who loves a good coloring page? I know we do! Check out this doodle that shows our Boddle character recycling! The page is black and white, so it can be colored any way you’d like-- get creative!

If you want to take it an extra step this Earth Day, teach your students how to upcycle by melting broken crayons, letting wax cool in a mold, and then using the new crayons to color with!          

 7.         Listen to these two fun songs about earth day that will engage and teach kids about what they can do to make a difference and why it’s important. You’ll be singing “pick it up, put it back” all Earth Day!



6.         Looking for a simple group project that the kids will get their hands dirty? Plant a tree!  Trees are a big part of our earth and planting even just one will just add to the health and wellness of the world that we live in.

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