December 9th, 2022

December Update: Multiplayer Game Locks + Festive Outfits + Boddle Stickers!

☃️ Is that snow falling from the sky and Boddles having a jolly snowball fight? Indeed it is… Boddle’s Winter Wonder is here!

❄️ New Boddle Pass Season:

For our third Boddle Pass Season, we’ve got a ton of new and festive outfits, such as holiday sweaters, winter sports gear, and more. Plus, Boddle Premium Subscription holders get access to additional outfits such as the reindeer onesie and a Santa suit! With a new Boddle Pass Season comes new daily and weekly quests, too!

💰 Daily Log-In Rewards:

Boddle wants to reward you for working so hard on your math and ELA assignments. So, for every day you log into your Boddle account, you get to claim a special reward! Daily Rewards include gold, outfits, pet XP books, and more. Log in seven days in a row to get a super special reward!

👤 Stickers and Player Profile:

Ever wish you could change your Boddle profile picture on your dashboard or Buddy List? Well, now you can! This season, we are introducing 17 stickers that you can discover and unlock all over Boddle!

Once stickers are unlocked, they’ll be stored in your Player Profile screen (that’s in the upper lefthand corner of your dashboard). Keep playing to collect all 17! You’ll also be able to see your Pet Battles team and stats as well as your Arcade Rankings and High Scores.

🔓 Multiplayer Game Locks:

The highly-requested addition to our Game Locks feature is here! Teachers will now be able to lock out all multiplayer features - such as Battle a Friend and Matchmaking - for a set amount of time or set number of questions answered.

🐶 Pet Battles Updates:

Meaty Mo had so much fun terrorizing the Boddles in Mount Magma that Queen Jill and Litter Larry have come out to play on both the Green Grove and Sunny Surf Pet Battles maps. Another new feature, when a pet levels up after a victory in Pet Battles, you’ll be able to see how much their stats have raised! We’ve also renamed the Nursery to Pet Team, and this is still where you’ll go to select your pets for battle.

More New Features:

  • In the Boddle Shop, you’ll now be able to preview what an outfit or accessory will look like on your Boddle before you purchase it. Just go into the Shop, click on an item, and you’ll get to see your Boddle with the item on…. try before you buy! There are new animal outfits as well!
  • Students can now skip the animations in between questions while in Quiz Mode, maximizing their question-answering time.
  • The Invite a Friend feature has been renamed to Battle a Friend. This is still found in the Game Library in the Pet Battles section.
  • Now, all assignments from the same subject as the selected class show up in assignment window.For example, if you choose a math class then every math assignment from any math class you are in will appear in the assignment pop-up. The equivalent happens with ELA courses.