December 20th, 2023

Empowering Personalized Learning: How Boddle Bridges Educational Gaps

"Boddle helps by allowing me to assign different skills to different groups of students."

In the world of education, teachers often face the monumental task of meeting the diverse learning needs of their students. Brittney Harris, a dedicated fifth grade teacher at Birch Elementary in Idaho, embarked on this challenging journey armed with a determination to bridge learning gaps and provide personalized learning experiences for her students. This case study delves into Brittney's story, showcasing how she harnessed the power of Boddle to address the unique challenges of her classroom.

Key Outcomes:

  • Personalized Learning: Effectively leveraged Boddle to offer personalized learning experiences tailored to each student's unique needs.
  • Engagement and Skill Level Balance: Strike the perfect balance between engaging content and appropriate skill levels, ensuring that no student felt disengaged or overwhelmed.
  • Streamlined Differentiation: Simplified the process of assigning different skills to different groups of students, making it more efficient and effective.


At Birch Elementary, where Brittney Harris teaches fifth grade, the challenge lies in accommodating the wide-ranging reading and math abilities of her students. This educational diversity makes it a constant struggle to find resources that are both engaging and appropriately leveled. The risk is that engaging resources may lack sufficient skill level variation, causing struggling learners to disengage. Conversely, leveled resources may lack the captivating factor needed to motivate all students.


Boddle emerged as a powerful solution to tackle this challenge head-on. As a versatile educational platform, Boddle gave Brittney the flexibility she needed to personalize learning effectively. She could assign different skills to different groups of students, ensuring that each student practiced the specific skill she wanted them to focus on, whether it was understanding main ideas in ELA or mastering math concepts.


Boddle's impact in Brittney's classroom has been transformative:

  • Tailored Learning: Brittney can confidently differentiate instruction to meet each student's unique learning needs. Boddle ensures that students work on materials at just the right level, preventing them from feeling overwhelmed or unchallenged.
  • Cost-Effective: By using Boddle's platform, Brittney eliminated the need to constantly purchase additional teaching resources, reducing costs for her and the school.
  • Increased Engagement: Students at Birch Elementary are more engaged and motivated to learn, thanks to Boddle's captivating content.
  • Efficiency: The streamlined process of assigning different tasks to various groups of students has made Brittney's teaching more efficient, saving valuable time.


Brittney Harris, a dedicated fifth-grade teacher at Birch Elementary, exemplifies the transformative impact of personalized learning made possible by Boddle. With Boddle's platform, Brittney overcame the challenge of catering to students with varying abilities, striking a perfect balance between engagement and skill level. Her success story, as conveyed through her perspective, stands as a testament to the power of innovative educational platforms like Boddle in bridging learning gaps and ensuring that every student receives the tailored support they need to succeed.

“[Boddle] gives me the freedom I need to assign what my kids need to work on with only a few clicks and no additional cost to me."

- Brittney Harris, 5th Grade Teacher & STEM Coordinator


Boddle currently runs on desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browsers. The Boddle app for iPad, tablets, and mobile users is also available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.