February 12, 2024

February Update: Carnival Critters, Pet Battles Upgrades, and New Login Rewards!

Not only is it Boddle’s Birthday celebration, but we're thrilled to bring you our latest game update. Fun learning is guaranteed with upgrades to make Pet Battles better than ever, and a brand-new Boddle Pass! 🥳

🎪 Unlock Charming Carnival Critters in our Newest Boddle Pass Season!

Come one, come all to discover our lively new collection of carnival-themed outfits and furniture! With whimsical attire, colorful decorations, and party-sized fairground rides, your students can tailor their avatars and virtual environments to embrace the festive carnival vibe.

⏫ Level Up the Excitement: Pet Battles Adventure Mode Reimagined for Endless Fun!

Prepare for an epic adventure as we revamp Pet Battles adventure mode, offering more opportunities for your students to master each stage! Students are now encouraged to play each stage multiple times, earning new rewards to keep the excitement going strong!

🏆 Become the Ultimate Champion on the Pet Battles Matchmaking Leaderboard!

Introducing the Matchmaking Leaderboard, located in the Pet Battles section of the play library! When students play Pet Battles Matchmaking, they are now competing on a worldwide scale, showcasing their skills and climbing the ranks to claim the top spot. Encourage healthy competition and sportsmanship as they strive to achieve math and ELA mastery.

🗓️ Out with Daily Streaks, In with Exciting Rewards!

Say goodbye to the pressure of maintaining a streak and hello to our revamped daily login rewards system! We're introducing a fresh approach that ensures every day is rewarding, regardless of streaks. Your students can look forward to exciting incentives and surprises each time they log in, motivating them to strive for success!

Happy Learning! 📚🌟