June 13, 2020

For Parents: 3 Ways to Use Boddle to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

With the end of the school year, daily routines will shift once again. School closures brought about novel challenges to learning, and the move to summer break promises to do so, too. The decrease in practice can affect learning levels and retention at a time when every second of learning counts. With that in mind, we’re here to provide summer support to you and your kids, and make sure learning is as fun as it is productive!

We’ve spent the past few months developing a new side of Boddle specifically geared to parents like you. You can now track your kids’ progress, monitor how long they spend on the platform, and help them engage productively with the material on the platform -- while having fun along the way!!


These three tips/tools will help you curb summer learning loss and give your kids a fun way to learn math:

1. Learning Gaps Report: With the learning gaps report, you can easily and repeatedly check up on their progress, what sorts of questions they should work on more frequently, and what specific skills need a little more attention. You can do this in every level available, and with the frequency you desire. As your child answers more and more questions, the platform will more accurately track their progress and knowledge base, making the report increasingly more accurate.

2. Create Assignments Fast: This feature allows you to keep track of what skills are being practiced. In a quick and easy way, you can make sure your kids are learning and having fun while sticking to your daily routine. Our timed assignments are a way to expand worthwhile screen time, have fun, and prepare your children for the upcoming school year, all in one!

3. Practice Makes Perfect: Summer is a great time to reinforce and relearn foundational skills that students might have forgotten. You can start your child on a lower grade and watch as they solidify foundational skills during the summer and progress to higher levels. Our third feature, which comprises the foundation of Boddle, is the opportunity to engage your family in an experience that is both relaxing and educational, without requiring you to go to extraordinary lengths to make sure this is possible. Boddle allows your children to solidify foundational skills and learn new ones without realizing they are doing so.