How Does Boddle Work

Now that your account is linked to your child’s account, they can begin playing, and you can watch them grow in knowledge and master math skills like the amazing Boddles they are!

If it’s your child’s first time making an account, they’ll get to customize their own Boddle character: Your child can choose what colors they want their Boddle to be, and as they gain points through learning, they’ll be able to buy clothes and hairstyles to further express their creative genius. 

Once your child has designed their Boddle and explored their home, they can press the green play button. Then, they’ll be teleported to the gaming world, where they’ll learn and practice skills. 

In our game, you have to answer 3 questions correctly to play a fun, bonus mini-game. We call this our “three-streak system.” We believe this system helps motivate your child to work hard on those three questions as they anticipate the bonus game. After the mini-game, they get a set of three new questions.

It’s a fun cycle that encourages hard work and critical thinking. It also teaches children that learning can be fun and rewarding. 

Oh! Did we mention that the game will automatically assign your child the correct curriculum and questions? So you don’t have to worry about that. It will also adapt to your child’s learning needs as they play, ensuring that they get the best educational experience possible.