April 27th, 2022

How to Use Boddle in a Rotation Model

It’s super easy to integrate Boddle into a rotation model. Most models include an online learning station, and since Boddle is online and free, it's easy to use.

But what are the benefits of using Boddle instead of another online math tool? That’s a great question! We talk about that below, but before we do, let’s take a deeper look at the rotation model.

🤔What is a Rotation Model?

Dr. Catlin Tucker, a teacher and bestselling author, says that a rotation model “is a series of stations, or learning activities, that students rotate through.” There’s generally a teacher-led station, an offline station, and an online station. (Click here to read more about Dr. Tucker’s thoughts on the rotation model.)

This is the basic rotation model, but you can change it to fit the needs and temperament of your class.

🚀 Why Use a Rotation Model?

There are many great reasons to use a rotation learning model in your classroom. Aside from the customizing and personalizing potential, it creates a healthy flow for student energy. 

Here are just some of the great benefits of a rotation model:

  • Smaller groups to work with
  • Students engaged in online/offline activities
  • Flexibility in content
  • Uses multiple learning styles
  • Allows you to use differentiated learning
  • You can use Boddle!

Check out this great article from Study.com to read more in-depth about the benefits: “Why You Should Use a Rotation Model in Your Classroom

💙 Boddle in a Rotation Model

Boddle is perfectly designed to fit into any rotation model. You can assign specific skills for students to complete or let Boddle take the wheel, whichever you prefer that day.

The math questions combined with the arcade games will ensure that your students are learning vital skills while remaining engaged.

Here are some reasons to use Boddle in a rotation model:

⭐ Boddle uses differentiated instruction

⭐ Students get the information they need when they need it

⭐ Fills learning gaps and builds a solid foundation in math

⭐ Reinforces concepts you’ve taught over the year

⭐ Provides continuous practice, preparing students for tests

⭐ More time on Boddle = more data about learning needs

⭐ You can use the data gathered from their time to inform your lesson planning

Finally, it’s a fun activity! The games and engagement refresh students’ minds, helping them remain alert throughout the rest of the day and encouraging them to pay attention in class.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us! We’d love the chance to chat with you. Keep being awesome!