November 11, 2020

Importance of Engagement in Math


For many children across the United States, the shift from going to school to being remote has not been an easy task to handle. The majority of schools are still remote and this has led to wider learning gaps causing students to fall further behind academically.

Teachers have been trying their best to adapt to this new reality through creative teaching methods and supporting kids remotely but it has been challenging. Parents and teachers are now navigating a new educational reality.

These conditions have led to higher rates of disengagement for students because the very nature of learning has become more difficult. The situation worsens when you consider the increase in household stress being compounded for children of underserved communities who have already been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

As always teachers have stepped up to be the heroes our children need.

But like any hero, teachers are facing the villainy of getting children to focus and stay engaged especially for subjects like STEM. The problem, however, isn’t so black and white. It is very nuanced because of the following:

  • Attendance/accessibility is the first priority
  • Getting student participation is very limited when done remotely and this is even more so troublesome as participation helps provide teachers with the data they need to properly facilitate learning
  • Students have returned to the classroom with larger learning gaps due to the shift to distance learning during spring/summer 2020

In recognizing these challenges teachers face, Boddle takes the following steps to assist teachers with higher levels of engagement with their students:

Boddle is optimized to work on slower devices
This makes it more accessible for students who have slower connectivity or devices and closes the gap that many families face. After all, for any teacher to have better engagement, the students have to be present.

Boddle gameplay matches that of casual games
These are games many children are already familiar with and enjoy in their leisure. By leveraging this sense of familiarity, we ensure that cheer and excitement become as integral a part of the game as the math practices.

Three-streak-system is rewarding and encourages critical thinking
Learning is tough in this time period, so it is important that we reward our little troopers, as they give it their best in the classroom. After answering three questions correctly in a row, students get to enjoy a mini-break by playing a fun mini game that gives them rewards at the end of it! This also incentivizes students to not guess answers and to critically think through each question.

In-game learning tools
Tools like text-to-speech and instructional videos ensure that students have the support right when they need it. These tools enrich the learning experience and understand the math concepts at hand.

At home usage
Boddle can be incorporated into daily learning activities at home to help students learn math in a new, engaging way. Through their Boddle parent portal, parents will have the opportunity to engage with their children in a way unlike ever before and become active participants in their child’s educational success.

Boddle's platform strengthens the shared relationship between teachers and students and becomes a tool to make learning fun for students and easy for teachers. Check out the video below to view the student experience:


Boddle currently runs on desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browsers. The Boddle app for iPad, tablets, and mobile users is also available on the Apple App Store.