January 2022 Boddle Learning Update

This month's updates have something for teachers and students!

First up is a feature called Game Locks, which allows teachers to lock out certain parts of the game temporarily by time or until a specific number of questions are answered correctly! Features like the buddy list, the arcade games, the shop, and more can all be locked for a certain period of time, ensuring that students focus on the assignment at hand.

Second, teachers can now preview the game beforehand by clicking on the “Preview Game” button on the classroom’s home screen. This allows teachers to put themselves in students' shoes and experience the game, assignments, and more. A great tool for new teachers trying Boddle out for the first time!

Third, students' Boddle characters now have customizable faces that they can make their own with various combinations of eyes shapes, mouth shapes, and fun expressions. New items have also been added to Boddle that kids can earn and unlock (like pirate costumes, ninja outfits, and more). They'll have a blast updgrading their wardrobes!

Additional Updates and Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where placement reports showed up inconsistently
  • Fixed bug which didn't allow scrolling for small screens
  • Fixed issue where superscripts and exponents didn’t show up properly on screen
  • Fixed loading issue where game freezes in question screen waiting to load a question
  • Fixed issue with game not loading all the way;
  • Fixed issue where assignment progress didn’t show up properly for timed assignments
  • Fixed issue where adding students show an error message occasionally;
  • Patch for assignments not showing up in the game for a certain number classrooms
  • Fixed an issue where if a computer's pop-ups are blocked, it will incorrectly redirect kids to teacher's platform instead of the game.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s Boddle update, and stay tuned for more fun to come!