March 8, 2022

March 2022 Boddle Learning Update

Happy March! 💚  We have many exciting new features to share with you. We can't wait for you to check them out and start exploring! ⭐  Here's what's new in March 2022!⭐

1️⃣ Google Classroom and Boddle Assignments:

⭐ We’ve now integrated Boddle’s Assignments with Google Classroom! When your Boddle account is linked to your Google account, you will be able to:

  • Automatically post your Boddle assignments into any of your linked Google Classrooms.
  • Post assignments you’ve already created through the assignments page via the Google Classroom button.
  • Get a direct link on Google Classroom that will send students right to the new assignment without them needing to log-in.

The links will also create accounts for students new to Boddle and automatically put them in your classroom!

2️⃣ The New Quest System and Boddle Pass:

🎉 We’ve added a new quest system that can be found in the Boddle Pass on the bottom left of the game screen. This will motivate students to continue practicing their math skills! The new quest system gives kids new quests every day and every week ~ When kids complete these quests, they get experience points to level up the "Boddle Pass rewards page" and earn rewards like special outfits that they can’t get anywhere else!

🎉 The Boddle Pass isn’t the only new way to earn rewards: At the end of every season, kids can now collect amazing rewards for topping any of the arcade’s global Leaderboards!

3️⃣  Hundreds of New Upgradable Items to Earn as Kids Learn:
💰 There are now hundreds of new items and outfits to be collected, and some can even be upgraded! Have students upgrade their swag by collecting duplicates to unlock cool effects! There is lots of new stuff to collect, so start learnin’ to start earnin’!

4️⃣  Assignment Update:

🙂  Since the quests have moved, assignments have taken over their spot! They’re still in the same place as they were before, but now the button is called "Assignments" to help them stand out and get kids to the math, faster.

We are so excited for you to start exploring all of Boddle's new features!