March 31st, 2023

March Update: Visiting Boddles + Pet Battles Updates

🥳 It’s a Boddle Party with tons of new Pet Battles updates, plus now you can visit your friend’s home.

🏡 Visit your Boddle Friends

It’s super exciting to decorate your home environment with all of the fun furniture and items you’ve won and purchased from the Boddle Shop. Each Boddle’s home is unique and special and now, you can invite friends from your Buddy List to come visit your home, and you can go visit theirs! Just stroll over to your dock, and you’ll be transported to a friend’s home. The dock is where friends will land when they come to visit you, too. There is also a ton of new furniture items - like a trampoline, gum ball machine, and cute plushies - to collect and decorate. Plus, your Home island and the inside of your house have gotten a fun new makeover, and you can now place and move furniture anytime - no need to go to the chest!

🌱 Calling All Pet Battles Champions

Pet Battles champions, this one is for you! Now you can level-up beyond Platinum in your Matchmaking rank - introducing our new rank, Diamond! Keep battling against other Boddles to rank up higher and higher. When you’re in a Pet Battles match and your Pet’s special ability is ready to use, you’ll now see a flashing arrow letting you know your Pet is ready to unleash their ability upon your opponent. Curious about your Pet’s Special Abilities and Talents? Now, each Pet has an info pop-up that can be opened during a Pet Battles match that explains all of the special things your Pet can do. Sometimes things happen, so you’ll now be notified if a player you’re matched with in Matchmaking leaves the battle, giving you plenty of time to quickly match with another player. For our new Boddles, there’s also now a Pet Battles Beginner Tutorial as well as a brand new Boddle Pass tutorial.

✅ Even More New Features

  • The Boddle Shop has a new, fancy look and Premium players now have access to four more items in Daily Deals.
  • Premium players now have an exclusive border shown around their profile sticker in the Profile.
  • Arcade scores in the player profile are fixed, and arcade games no longer freeze when assignments are completed.