May Update: Fairies and Gnomes, Boddle Bucks, and Major Pet Battles Updates

🧙🏻‍♂️ Frolic with fairies and galavant with gnomes in May's mystical Boddle update. Plus, introducing Boddle's very own currency: Boddle Bucks!

🧚🏻‍♀️ A Magical New Boddle Pass Season!

Journey through a wonderland of fairies, pixies, gnomes, and other enchanted woodland creatures with our new Boddle Pass season! As you adventure through 36+ fantastical levels, you’ll be able to collect: a froggy costume, garden gnome outfit, enchanting hood/cloak, toad costume, plus lots of Gold and Prize Boxes! Premium users will have the opportunity to also acquire: woodland outfits, leafy knight costumes, a nest bed, lichen loveseat, and extra epic Prize Boxes. There’s even more charming items to decorate your home with, such as a toadstool stool, nutty tea kettle, spring cleaning broom, petal sunhat, and more! Prepare to be bewitched as you play and learn through this wondrous Boddle Pass.

🪙 Introducing… Boddle Bucks!

Our brand new Boddle Bucks currency will allow you to purchase super cool and uber exclusive outfits like the rad Cyber Surfer Set and epic Gamer and Rocker sets. Boddle Bucks also enable you to unlock outfit variations without having to wait for your desired look to show up in the Shop. You’ll also be able to purchase previous Boddle Pass Season outfits - like the narwhal and the merfolk set - with your Boddle Bucks.

We’re offering 4 different Boddle Bucks packages:

  • Handful of Boddle Bucks (100 for $0.99)
  • Stack of Boddle Bucks (500 for $4.99 - a 10% bonus!)
  • Bag of Boddle Bucks (1,200 for $9.99 - a 20% bonus!)
  • Boddle Bucks Chest (2,500 for $19.99 - a 25% bonus!)

Premium users will get 1,200 Boddle Bucks every month. In addition, there are 200 Boddle Bucks available to earn in the Boddle Pass plus 500 additional Boddle Bucks available in the Premium Boddle Pass. You can use Boddle Bucks in the Weekly Deals section, the Specials section, and in the Backpack. Boddle Bucks can be purchased in-game whether you’re playing Boddle on the web or on a mobile device.

P.S. The Specials section of the Boddle Shop is now called Weekly Deals.

P.P.S. There are now Free items that you can only get if you login to Boddle over the weekend!

🐶 Pet Battles Extravaganza!

Pet Battles is getting major enhancements! It’s now easier than ever to plant new Pet Seeds. Easily navigate to the Greenhouse to plant your Pet Seeds, directly from your Backpack!

Curious about what items are needed to sprout your Pets? Wonder no more! In the Shop and Backpack, you’ll see descriptions on upgrade items that let you know which type of Pet they are used on. After all, sprouting your Pets at Levels 4, 14, 24, and 34 will make them so much stronger!

Did you know you can earn Gold, Pet Seeds, upgrade items, and Stickers for completing certain levels of Pet Battles maps?! Check out which items can be acquired on the Pet Battles section and within the maps themselves.

If you’ve got a mobile device, you can bring Pet Battles into your world. That’s right - AR mode is now accessible on any mobile device with a camera. Just click “on” on the AR mode toggle, point your camera on a surface, and watch as the Pet Battle comes to life right in your home!

If you’re a Boddle Premium player, you now get extra rewards for defeating Baddies in Pet Battles. Not a Premium player? Click on the locked rewards to learn how to get access.

In the middle of a heated battle with a Baddie and in need of an extra boost? You’ll be able to tell when your Pet’s special ability is ready to deploy with a new flashing arrow. Better luck next time, Baddies!

When in your Pet Team section, you’ll notice a ton of new enhancements, all focused on making it easier to choose the best Pets for your team:

  • The maximum values for HP, ATK, LUCK are now shown.
  • With Sprouting Milestones, you’ll be able to see at what levels your Pet can be sprouted next.
  • New “Add to Team” button style for quickly and easily changing out Pets on your team.
  • You’ll notice your Pet’s XP bar will change from green to blue/purple to indicate when it is ready to be sprouted.
  • If an XP book can be used, the button will turn green.
  • The option to re-roll headgear or Pet-Pets will no longer be available, but don’t worry! If you’ve used your hard-earned Gold or Battle Points to purchase either of these re-roll options, you’ll be completely refunded, and you can go buy more cool items from the Shop!

✅ The Updates Just Keep Comin’!

Here are even more new updates!

  • May we present to you… Special Rewards! Earn exclusive outfits - like the Dragon set, Robo Mech set, Intergalactic set, and Rubber Duckie set - by completing tasks such as logging in on the weekend, setting up a username, and more!
  • Sticker alert! When you defeat a Mini-Boss or Boss Baddie in a Pet Battle for the first time, you’ll earn a sticker with that Baddie’s face on it as a badge of honor for your hard-fought battle.
  • Coming Soon (we can’t wait)… Boddle Racers! Check out a sneak peek of our upcoming game mode.
  • Quests have got a new look as well. You can now listen to the Quest and see an image for the game mode the quest is for.
  • With so many activities to do and things to learn, we’ve added new Notifications to alert you when there are new styles unlocked, special rewards to be collected, completion of Quests, and more! You’ll see any new Notifications in the upper righthand corner of your screen.
  • To get maximum rewards, be sure to maintain your Daily Rewards streak by logging in each day. In this update, your Daily Rewards will be reset at midnight Central (CST) time rather than every 24 hours.