July 18th, 2022

New Updates... Arcade Games, Pet Battles, and Even MORE Customization!

Hey there! The New Learning Progress Feature and TONS of new Boddle outfits are here to keep the fun learning going all summer long. 🎉 Available now on the web and iOS devices and coming soon to Android devices.

✨ Learning Progress Feature

The new and improved Learning Progress Feature makes it clearer for students to understand which skills they’ve already mastered, and what skills are next.

Based on the grade level’s standards, it is broken down into domains, and each domain has a set of skills that require mastery.

Within each domain, the teacher can receive a breakdown of the student’s progress in that area to determine how far along their students are, and their progress towards mastering the topics.

This Learning Progress Feature also enables students to practice specific skills that they may be struggling with, to ensure that they have a thorough comprehension of the topic. With the new Learning Progress feature, you can be confident that your students are learning to the best of their abilities!

🌟 Answer Confirmation

Are your students running into trouble on Boddle because they accidentally select the wrong answer? Worry no more! We now have an answer confirmation feature to ensure your student is confidently selecting the answer they intend to submit.

Here, we see a sample question that a student is presented with. Instead of the student’s selection automatically going through on the first button they click, there is a checkmark next to their answer choice.

If the student is certain that this is the answer they want to submit, they can click the check mark on the bottom right corner to have their answer checked. However, if the student realizes they misclicked, they can choose a different answer before submitting!

Clicking the Pass will bring students to their Progress bar and the Quests lists. Quests update both daily and weekly, so there’s always something new for students.

✅ General Updates

On our mobile app, you now have the option to “Stay Signed In,” which speeds up the login process every time your student/child is looking to get some fun math practice! 

We have also updated our Hair & Clothing selections to ensure students can let their personality shine through their Boddle characters! There are now 30+ new hairstyles, summer outfits, and animal outfits (sheep and kitty). Your students will have no shortage of combinations to choose from!

😺Pet Battles Updates

In Pet Battles, we have introduced the presence of element indicators. These reveal the element of the surface the pet or baddie is standing on. The indicators will also glow when there is a match made by that pet or baddie. Pet seeds are now easier to obtain as well, making it easier to grow and play with more pets!

Another Pet Battles update is the Pet Special Ability bar. It will now glow when it is ready to activate, making it easier for your learner to see when to use their pet’s special abilities! Also, Pets now gain special ability points when getting hit!

In PvP mode, players now have three minutes to answer questions, which allows for more thinking time and processing.

🤩Arcade Updates

In the Hot Hoops game, the basket moves after you score 10 or more points, which adds to the challenge while your student is trying to make shots. Also, the hoop is slightly bigger to allow for more opportunities to score. 

In the Soccer Strike game, there is no more goalie to help students make shots while playing. Also, they receive more points if they successfully hit smaller targets. Add about new controls.

🎯Additional Fixes

✅ Our team has been hard at work to remedy the bugs that were there before. 

✅ Parents, you can now use your Apple ID and Google within the app itself, making the signup process easier and quicker. Also, the assignments you assign your child now show up within gameplay.

✅ The upgrade feature for your items now works!

✅ Students whose Boddle characters have crew cuts will be happy to hear we have fixed the transparency issue with these characters! Also, Round Glasses and Retro Shades now show the proper color when equipped. 

✅ We have also fixed the issue that students were running into with the Fiery effect duck floatie clothing upgrade.

✅ Finally, the “Play Again” button has been removed from Pet Battles.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us! We’d love the chance to chat with you. Keep being awesome!