December 20th, 2023

Overcoming Language Divides and Enhancing Math Learning for a 6th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

"Boddle offers [an] opportunity for students to engage with the content we do in class in Spanish at home in English."

In the dynamic realm of education, teachers continually encounter distinctive challenges that necessitate innovative solutions. Meet Christina Rivera, an unwavering 6th-grade Spanish Immersion teacher in Minnesota. Christina grapples with the unique task of nurturing bilingual math proficiency while adapting to the rapidly evolving educational landscape. Within her classroom, students not only learn math in Spanish but also strive to reinforce these mathematical concepts in their native language, English. This case study delves into Christina's adept utilization of Boddle, an educational platform, to surmount language barriers and elevate the mathematical learning experience for her students.

Key Outcomes:

  • Bilingual Math Learning: Christina Rivera, a dedicated 6th-grade Spanish Immersion teacher in Minnesota, successfully integrates Boddle to facilitate bilingual math learning, allowing students to engage with math content in both Spanish and English.
  • Data-Driven Instruction: Boddle's platform equips Christina with the tools to monitor student progress, enabling her to identify areas of need and tailor instruction effectively.


In Christina's school, time constraints have posed a significant challenge. The rapid pace of change in education, with new initiatives and adjustments occurring frequently, leaves little room for educators to adapt and implement changes effectively. This dynamic environment can hinder the continuity of learning and teacher preparation.


Boddle serves as a robust solution to address these challenges. In Christina's Spanish Immersion classroom, Boddle bridges the language gap between home and math instruction. It allows students to engage with math content in their home language, English, thereby reinforcing the concepts learned in class and promoting a deeper understanding of math. Additionally, Boddle provides valuable data insights, enabling Christina to monitor student progress and identify areas of need efficiently.


Christina Rivera's integration of Boddle into her teaching has yielded significant results:

  • Bilingual Math Learning: Boddle's bilingual approach enhances students' understanding of math by allowing them to interact with math content in both Spanish and English, promoting language proficiency and math comprehension.
  • Data-Driven Instruction: Boddle's platform empowers Christina to tailor instruction to individual student needs, resulting in more targeted and effective support. Data-driven insights have become an integral part of her teaching process.


Christina Rivera, a 6th grade Spanish Immersion teacher in Minnesota, exemplifies the transformative impact of Boddle in the classroom. By leveraging Boddle's platform, she has effectively overcome the challenges posed by frequent educational changes and enhanced the bilingual math learning experience for her students. The combination of Christina's dedication and Boddle's innovative technology fosters a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, reflecting the power of technology in education. Christina's journey not only upholds her family's legacy of education but also continues to make a meaningful impact on her students' lives.

“Boddle helps [bridge] the language at home with math. [...] In addition, we can gather data on student progress to monitor areas of need."

- Christina Rivera, 6th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher


Boddle currently runs on desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browsers. The Boddle app for iPad, tablets, and mobile users is also available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.