March 31, 2022

Prepare for Testing Season with Boddle

Hey there, Boddle family!

Gearing up for testing season? We’re here for you!

Preparing for tests can be stressful, especially when there’s a lot of material to cover beforehand. It can also feel nearly impossible to ensure each student understands the content with the limited time available.

We at Boddle understand how challenging and involved the test season is, and we are here to help.

Whether you’re a teacher preparing students for tests, a parent looking to help strengthen your child’s education, or even a student looking to learn more in a fun way, Boddle is here for you!

⭐ How Teachers Can Use Boddle in Testing Season

Teachers have many ways to utilize Boddle during testing season. With the option to assign specific standards to specific students, teachers can use targeted practice to help their students review the concepts they need to work on most. This way, each student can improve in the areas they struggle with. You can then use valuable class time to teach new concepts or review things the whole class needs to work on.

Whole Class Practice + Rewards = Focused Fun!

Similarly, through Boddle, teachers can assign their whole class practice problems for grade-level concepts. This allows students to relearn and work with ideas that “define the grade,” expanding their understanding, letting them see the big picture. In turn, if students understand the overall idea, they can better comprehend the smaller details.

Another option for teachers is using Boddle as a fun reward for students who finish assignments early. Not only will the students get the chance to play fun games (engaging with their creativity), they will also reinforce mathematical principles. The fun challenge-and-reward system encourages students to continue playing while building a positive association for learning.

These are only a few ways teachers can use Boddle during testing season. We act as a great supplemental tool that provides targeted education and practice. It’s perfect for helping students review and master material before the test, allowing you to use class time for the most important lessons.

⭐ How Parents Can Use Boddle in Testing Season

Whether you’re a homeschool parent or helping your child with their homework or anything in between, Boddle is a great tool for you!

Specific Skills and Targeted Review through Games!

Through Boddle, parents can do the same things a teacher can. One especially great feature to use this testing season is assigning specific skills (state standards) to your child. With Boddle’s adaptive-learning program, you can identify the exact skills your child needs to practice and then monitor their progress as they master concept-by-concept! 

Additionally, parents can use Boddle as a fun and fulfilling reward after completing homework or as a fun supplemental activity. Boddle values and focuses on providing students with entertaining yet challenging content and gameplay, encouraging them to grow their skills, both as a player and as a learner.

During test season, parents can help their children grow in the right areas, ensuring they have a good foundation. You can monitor your child’s progress and see how much time is spent learning versus playing, allowing you to make sure they have fun while practicing specific skills and concepts. 

⭐ How Students Can Use Boddle in Test Season

Boddle is here to help you learn new skills while conquering fun and challenging arcade games!

During test season, life can feel stressful and overwhelming. There’s a lot of material you as students have to learn and memorize. By playing Boddle, you can get in good, solid practice while having fun, leaving school stress behind.

Not only does Boddle help you master concepts taught in class, but we also give you chances to earn rewards for scoring high and conquering challenges. Then, if you need a break from the learning side, you can work your creativity and decorate your Boddle house and yard!

Boddle is a great way to study for tests while having fun, which you deserve! You’ve worked hard. You’ve got this!

⭐ You + Testing Season + Boddle = Dream Team!

No matter who you are, teacher, parent, or student, Boddle can help you prepare for tests this coming season. 

Let’s be honest, tests are no fun and take a lot of work from everyone, and we want to help lighten the load. Boddle has many great features to help you target those test skills and ensure that your students understand the content. Whether as a supplemental tool, homework, or a reward, we can help reinforce and solidify skills. You’ve got this! Don’t give up!

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